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Kam Yai island (Koh Kam Yai) Guide in Thailand


     Ranong is the first province adjacent to the Andaman Sea known as the gateway of Andaman. Unlike those tourism provinces Phang Nga, Phuket or Krabi, Ranong is just a quiet province, but its beauty from the beaches and islands is not at all inferior to other province’s.

Kam Yai island (Koh Kam Yai)

Kam Yai island (Koh Kam Yai)

     Under the responsibillty of Laem Son National Park, Koh Kam Yai is the largest island among the eight of Koh Kam islands. The area is mostly mountainous, cliffs and rocks. Some flat areas are found only around the two beaches which are about 200 meters long. Howerver, they are quite steep and therefore not sutiable for swimming.

     At Chong Talad or Chong Nam (Water Channel) at the tip of Koh Kam Yai near Laem Atsadong is a nice view spot for sunrise and sunset. You can cross the water channel to Koh Kam Tok at the opposite side during the low tide.Although there is no community or resort on the island, Koh Kam Yai is very abundant, so a number of strange birds both local and migrated ones are found on the island.For diving lovers, there are some diving spots in the east of Koh Kam Yai.

     Travelers might as well board the boat to dive at Koh Fi Waeb, which is a around 3 kilometers from Koh Kam yai.Traveling period : from November to April.

Location : Toward the southwest of Laem Son National Prk, 15 kilometers from the park and only 200 meters from Koh Kam Tok.

How to get there

Hire the motroboat from the tourist center in Laem Son National Park.

Kam Yai island (Koh Kam Yai) Map

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Jansom Beach Resort

Jansom Beach Resort

Price : $45

Address : 135 Moo 5, Paknam , Muang , Ranong 85000

Area : Downtown

Views : 573

2018-12-13, 21:14

Andaman Club

Andaman Club

Price : $60

Address : Thahtay Kyun Island (Koh Son), Muang, Ranong 85000

Area : Koh Son

Views : 552

2018-12-13, 07:00

Jansom Hot Spa

Jansom Hot Spa

Price : $35

Address : 2/10 Petchkasem Road., Bangrin , Muang, Ranong 85000 Thailand

Area : Bangrin

Views : 540

2018-12-10, 20:14

Tinidee Hotel @ Ranong

Tinidee Hotel @ Ranong

Price : $35

Address : 41/144 Tamuang Road, Kao Nives, Muang, Ranong 85000 Thailand

Area : downtown

Views : 545

2018-12-10, 08:22

The Blue Sky Resort @ Ranong

The Blue Sky Resort @ Ranong

Price : $80

Address : 170 Moo 5, Paknum, Muang, Ranong 85000

Area : Downtown

Views : 539

2018-12-03, 19:05

Buffalo Bay Vacation Club

Buffalo Bay Vacation Club

Price : $30

Address : 51/3 Moo 1, Ao Kao Kwai, Koh Payam Island, Ranong 85000

Area : Koh Payam

Views : 518

2018-12-02, 13:50

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