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Chang island (Koh Chang) Hotels Guide in Thailand


     Trat is the last Thailand's Eastern Province that owns a number of islands and long coastline. Due to its fascinating beauty, Trat is called "the Andaman of the Eastern Sea". Although it is only a small province at the border comprising 6 districts and 2 sub-districts., Trat's outstanding sea and nature enhance the province to the high business growth. Nevertheless, Trat still has many pristine attractions that are not yet popular among tourists. Located not very far from Bangkok, it is quite convenient to visit Trat all by car, by bus and by air.

Chang island (Koh Chang)

Chang island (Koh Chang)

     The islands nestled alone farther from other minor islands of Koh Samet. Yet the farther distance it is located, the more beauty it gains ; Chang island (Koh Chang) has a very clean and white sand, as well as crystal clear seawater. The white beach at the front is the center of the island, whereas the one in the west is the area where sea turtles lay eggs. The most special feature of Chang island (Koh Chang) is the hole at the island’s head which could be seen very well even from a distance. This is the3 origin of the name Chang island (Koh Chang), which means the hole island. Besides, around the island are some interesting diving spots, for Chang island (Koh Chang) is considered one of the best and the most abundant coral reefs of Rayong Sea.

     Located not far from Bangkok and can be visited in any seasons, the island has been a popular tourist destination for more than 10 years, because of the ferry service that enables tourists to bring their vehicles to the island, and the good-conditioned roads to most of the areas on the island. A lot of hotels and resorts as well as bungalows are found anywhere and will increase very soon including complete facilities such as shops, restaurants, bars, mini-marts, post offices, banks , filling stations, internet service, beauty salons etc.

     The very beaches of Chang island (Koh Chang) are Haad Sai Khao, Haad Klong Prao and Haad Kai Bae. Haad Sai Khao.

Location : Northwest of Chang island (Koh Chang), about 3 kilometers from Ban Klong Son. Haad Sai Khao is like the tourist center of the island, being the port and the well-developed beach before others. Along the beach is the swimming area but some area is quite dangerous, so travelers should be careful. At night time, a lot of seafood restaurants are waiting to serve tourists along the beach line including fresh seafood or barbecue as well as several entertainment, shows and bars. Sunbathing, swimming, kayaking to the Northern Cape, diving, riding motorcycle, watching sunset at the beach or enjoying tasty seafood, beer bars and shows, all can be found along Haad Sai Khao. Haad Klong Prao and Laem Chaiychet,

     West of Chang island (Koh Chang), about 4 kilometers from Haad Sai Khao Laem Chaiyachet is a stone cape that marks the start of Haad Klong Prao. Although it is not good for swimming, it is the best spot to watch sunset. For Haad Klong Prao, it is a beautiful beach shady with lines of coconut trees. It is more private than Haad Sai Khao, so tourists love to sunbathe at this area. Here you may enjoy various activities, diving, trekking to Namtok Klong Plu (the most wonderful waterfall of Chang island (Koh Chang)), elephent riding, kayaking, watching sunset or drinking at the beer bar.

     Chang island (Koh Chang) Plaza located near the road at the entrance of Laem Chaiyachet is the center of Haad Klong Prao's night life similar to Haad Sai Khao. The area is also the site of Ban Klong Prao Village , temples, markets, touring service center and Chutiman Elephant Camp. Haad Kai Bae.

To get there : There are large ferries leaving Center Point Port at Trat to Dan Khao Port at Chang island (Koh Chang) everyday from 6.00 am-6.00 pm. The journey takes around 1 hour , and the fee is 30 Bath. OR you can board the ferry at Ao Thammachart Port at Trat to Chang island (Koh Chang) as well. It will be faster, around 20 minutes, and you can also load your vehicles to the island. The rate is 60 Baht per person, and 150 Baht for a car.