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Kood island (Koh Kood) Hotels Guide in Thailand


     Trat is the last Thailand's Eastern Province that owns a number of islands and long coastline. Due to its fascinating beauty, Trat is called "the Andaman of the Eastern Sea". Although it is only a small province at the border comprising 6 districts and 2 sub-districts., Trat's outstanding sea and nature enhance the province to the high business growth. Nevertheless, Trat still has many pristine attractions that are not yet popular among tourists. Located not very far from Bangkok, it is quite convenient to visit Trat all by car, by bus and by air.

Kood island (Koh Kood)

Kood island (Koh Kood)

     Koh Kood nowadays is the popular tourists’ island despite the fact that it is farther from the coast comparing to other islands of Trat. This is because the natural beauty of Koh Kood is still very fine and pristine, thanks to the distance from the land. Nevertheless, all the facilities needed have been provided by the resorts which are available almost at every beach. Therefore, travelers do not need to worry that it will be an inconvenient or tiring trip at all.

     Located 82 kilometers away from Laem Ngob Port, Koh Kood is the farthest island of Thai sea. Because there is no passenger boat to the island, you can get there only by hiring the motorboat from Klong Yai Port.

Kood island (Koh Kood) has a number of beaches, and these are the most favourite ones.

Ao Tapao : Ao Tapao is considered the center of Koh Kood, and of all the beaches of Koh Kood, it is the most beautiful one. The sandy beach is white and long, under the range of coconut trees. Ao Tapao will be extremely wide for the water gets lower, and will be very beautiful in the evening during sunset.

Ao Klong Chao : Ao Llong Chao is a long bay separated by a canal named Klong Chao. Its highlight is the white sandy beach suitable for swimming.Beyond Klong Chao is Namtok Klong Chao which is said to be the most beautiful waterfall of Koh Kood. It can be reached by trekking along the canal or kayaking.

Ao Klong Ta Tin : Ao Klong Ta Tin is a long, clean , white sandy beach. It is the place where a canal named Klong Ta Tin flows out into the sea. However. Ao Klong Ta Tin is accessble only by boat.,

Ao Ngam Kho : The beach is located next to Haad Klong Chao. The long sandy beach is good for swimming. In front of the bay is the pile of stones in the sea, and there is a white pagoda rested on that stony pile. The spot can be reached only during the low tide.

Ao Phrao : Ao Phrao is located about 1.5 kilometers away from Ao Chak. It is the last bay at the southern tip of Koh Kood. It is also the location of Ao Phrao Village, a school., and a temple called Wat Ao Phrao. In front of the temple is the canal that flows through rich mangrove forests.

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Kood island (Koh Kood) Map

Kood island (Koh Kood) Map

Kood island (Koh Kood)  Kood island (Koh Kood)  Kood island (Koh Kood)  Kood island (Koh Kood)  Kood island (Koh Kood)  Kood island (Koh Kood)  Kood island (Koh Kood) 

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Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort

Ko Kut Ao Phrao Beach Resort

Price : $105

Address : 45/37 Tesaban 5 Road, Muang, Trat, 23000 Thailand

Area : koh kood

Views : 1,332

2019-04-21, 14:21

Captain Hook Resort

Captain Hook Resort

Price : $110

Address : 29 Moo 3 , Khlong Yai Kee, Koh Kood ,Trat , Thailand

Area : koh kood

Views : 1,713

2019-04-16, 05:44

Koh Kood Peter Pan Resort

Koh Kood Peter Pan Resort

Price : $125

Address : Koh Kood, Trat 23000 Thailand

Area : koh kood

Views : 1,280

2019-04-22, 10:32

Shantaa Koh Kood

Shantaa Koh Kood

Price : $130

Address : 25/2 Moo 1, Koh Kood, Trad 23120 Thailand

Area : koh kood

Views : 1,250

2019-04-22, 06:07

Away Koh Kood

Away Koh Kood

Price : $135

Address : 43/8 Moo 2, Baan Klongchao, Koh Kood, Trat 23120

Area : koh kood

Views : 1,174

2019-04-22, 00:42

Chams House

Chams House

Price : $185

Address : koh kut, Trat

Area :

Views : 1,277

2019-04-21, 08:58

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